Sunday, October 08, 2006

Republican Loss Offers Rhinos Hope

My Republican friends, the few that I have, are very moderate ones. We agree on probably 90% of all issues. These RHINO's, as their own party calls them, have been derided, ignored, and taken for granted for the past few years. Any suggestion of moderation has been met with litmus tests as to the loyalty of these good Americans. That many have still remained in the party can, from my way of thinking, only be genetic. It may be good that they have remained as our state and country will need them to rebuild the Republican Party into an effective opposition party that will hold the Democratic Party from repeating the same mistakes of absolute power.
Rhinos, I think, recognize this opportunity and will sit out this election. It would be too much for them to vote democratic. The extremists have acted as if Rhinos did not matter and if I were one, I'd let them reap their just reward.


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